Running your first marathon is an adventure that will never be forgotten. Standing in a sea of fellow runners on the day of the big race, you’ll most likely reflect on the months of sacrifice and training that led you there. Though there are hundreds of ways to train for a marathon, one thing is [...]
Stretching isn’t the most exciting part of a workout and is often overlooked for its benefits. Although stretching is helpful for preventing injury and improving range of motion, many still avoid doing it regularly. Improper stretching can put a person at risk for injury, and for active people, injuries are all too common.Here Are Some [...]
Want to learn the best types of exercises for weight loss? We've got tips on what you can do to help those lbs disappear. Losing weight is not easy, and sometimes it can require more work than you think. The biggest misconception is that you have to stay hours and hours at the gym to lose [...]
Life is stressful, isn't it? Here are 4 simple stress relief exercises to help you get your balance back! Stress is a fact of life for most people. It is caused by many things and can have devastating effects if not properly managed or eliminated. Stress releases chemicals within the body that prepare us for fight [...]
Those that are looking to stay motivated with their workouts often seek the help of a workout buddy to keep them going. Luckily, many buddy workouts do not require a lot of space, and they’ll also help you and your friend get into great shape. At That’s It. we believe in the power of two. Two [...]
Lazy summer days can be some of the best of the year, but even in the heat of summer, it’s important to stay fit and healthy. While you’re enjoying the warmth of the summer sun, consider participating in one of these fun fitness activities. 1. Jump in the Pool Sure, you can enjoy yourself soaking up rays [...]
Are you seeking the ultimate yoga experience? Yoga increases muscle strength, improves flexibility, and promotes a balanced disposition. Whether you are new or advanced in the art, you can heighten your experience. Use these yoga tips to improve and receive greater body and mind benefits. Here are some useful yoga tips to prepare you for your [...]
A regular exercise regimen makes you stronger and helps you feel great. An exercise routine that works for you has a ton of benefits beyond becoming toned and lean, but keeping up with it isn’t always easy. Here are five ways to stick with this healthy ritual.1. Go and do a simple warm-up It happens to [...]
Everyone wants to be able to go the gym, but not everyone has the time needed to make the commitment. Luckily, there are plenty of small exercises that anyone with a busy schedule can do. Here are nine quick and easy exercises that you can do at home.1. Push-Ups Push-ups are a tried and true method [...]


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